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We Help You Achieve Purpose-Driven Business Growth

Whether you are an established business seeking to make your strategies sustainable for all stakeholders and future proof your growth, or you are an impact start-up or investment firm seeking to jumpstart the commercial performance of your business or portfolio, Hendriksen Ventures' purpose is to help you achieve  your own Purpose-Driven Business Growth by consulting, advising, coaching and/or investing in your business.

Our Eight Principles

Our approach is guided by eight experience-based sustainable growth principles:

  1. Purpose-driven
  2. Growth-focused
  3. Stakeholder-obsessed
  4. Head-Heart-balanced
  5. Value-redefined
  6. Platform-designed
  7. Culture-minded
  8. Future-proofed

About The Founder

Hendriksen Ventures was founded by Derk Hendriksen, a Dutch native with over 25 years of experience in global CPG companies and social entrepreneurship. Derk is passionate about business transformation, sustainable growth, partnership ecosystems and building high-performance teams. An avid traveler, he currently resides in the Bay Area. To learn more about Derk's background and experience at The Coca-Cola Company and more, click here.

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