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About Us

Derk Hendriksen

After 25+ years of commercial and social business experience in and with some of the world’s largest CPG companies and their partners I founded Hendriksen Ventures LLC and the Elev8 Initiative to answer to a calling I have long had to bring Social to Business and Business to Social. Having grown up in the Netherlands and professionally matured in Europe and the USA, I bring the best of both worlds to make your business' growth sustainable.

Elev8 Principles

When you engage with us you can expect our conversations to be guided by the eight experience-based sustainable growth principles that underlie the Elev8 Initiative:

  1. Purpose-driven
  2. Growth-focused
  3. Stakeholder-obsessed
  4. Head-Heart-balanced
  5. Value-redefined
  6. Platform-designed
  7. Culture-minded
  8. Future-proofed

How We Work With You

It takes two to tango. For us to add value to you, we need to be aligned on what we want to achieve. In most cases, this implies a willingness to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Think transformation, not increments. Think change, not status quo. Think value and values, not profit.

If great minds think alike, greater minds look for differences united in a shared desire to excel. This is what we will be looking for in clients and partners. And it is what we expect our clients and partners to look for in us. 

We all don’t know what we don’t know, but the journey of discovery and curiosity will open up new possibilities and purpose-driven growth. Elev8 your business, venture, fund or foundation now!

Our Clients & Partners