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The elev8 initiative

A Need for Purpose-Driven Growth

There’s more to business than business alone. If run well, business can leave legacies for all its stakeholders, not just the obvious ones. To do that, we need to elevate business’ calling. We need to redefine our definition of value, the role of purpose, and how we look at sustainable growth. 

After 25+ years of commercial and social business experience in and with some of the world’s largest CPG companies and their partners, I have started Hendriksen ventures and the Elev8 Initiative to answer to a calling I have long had. 

There is nothing better than an idea who’s time has come. And there is no better time to accelerate the future than now, with new generations of stakeholders, new technology, and the court of public opinion all creating an unstoppable momentum towards a new socio-economic world order we are just beginning to see. 

The demands on established businesses to do the right thing are increasing in an economic and geo-political environment that is both strong and volatile, all but assuring that many win, and as many risk to stay behind.  

At the same time, the opportunities for impact-driven start-ups are limitless, especially if blended with the right level of commercial strategy and execution. Which may be a challenge for some, as many an impact investor will tell you. 

We Can Help

Whether you are an established business seeking to make your strategies sustainable for all stakeholders and future proof your growth, or you are an impact start-up or investment firm seeking to jumpstart the commercial performance of your business or portfolio, Hendriksen ventures aspires to help through our Elev8 Initiative.

Whether we consult, advise, coach or invest, our engagement approach is always guided by our eight experience-based sustainable growth principles:

  1. Purpose-driven
  2. Growth-focused
  3. Stakeholder-obsessed
  4. Head-Heart-balanced
  5. Value-redefined
  6. Platform-designed
  7. Culture-minded
  8. Future-proofed